Session Types: What is Create, Collaborate, & Leap?

Here are our upcoming sessions! Please contact us if you would like to find out more information. Registration for these sessions will also be available on Eventbrite. We are focused on helping individuals in Tyler, Marshall, Longview, Nacogdoches, and Shreveport Create, Collaborate, and LEAP!

And yes, we LOVE snacks! Plenty of snacks and bottled water will be available for each session!

Learn from Our "Create" Sessions

  • Monthly Entrepreneurship Academy (2 In-Person Classes, Online Support Group, Shop ETX Showcase, and Follow-Up Session) - $199 (Discounted Rate - $99)
  • Children's Business Academy (1 In-Person Class, Online Support Group for Parents, and Children's Showcase) - $49
  • ETX Maker's Sessions - Learn How to Create and Craft - $29 Per Session (How to Use a Cricut? How Can I Use a Dymo Machine for My Business or Around the House? Do I Really Need a Programmable Thermostat?)
  • Let's Innovate - Weekly Sessions ($29 Per Session; Class Pass Punch Card - 4 Sessions/$99; 10 Sessions for $199; 30 Sessions for $499)
    • Technology Topics range from: "iPhone and iPad Secrets" and "How to Use Canva for Creating Simple Graphics" to "Navigating Twitter" and "What is TikTok?"
    • Personal Enrichment Topics range from "Caring for Elderly Relatives" and "Financial Independence" to "Creating an Ebook" and "Google Documents".
    • Additional Topics Available Upon Request

Engage in Our "Collaborate" Sessions

  • Monthly Connection Groups:
    • Financial Conversations and Online Motivation Group (Beginner - Saving), Financial Conversations (Advanced - Investing) - 1 Meetings Per Month @ $29 Per Month
    • Education Connections and Online Motivation Group (For K-12 Teachers) - 2 Meetings Per Month @ $29 Per Month
    • Management Conversations/Trainings and Online Connection Group - 2 Meetings Per Month @ $99 Per Month
    • Additional Topics Available Upon Request
  • ETX Business Marketing Academy Sessions - Creating Graphics, Facebook Marketing, Marketing to Target Audiences, Guerrilla Marketing, Marketing on a Small Budget, Marketing in Small Towns - 3 Month Class @ $399

Let Your Idea Shine During the "Leap" Sessions