Educator Professional Development


Workshops on topics including:

  • Instructional Strategies
    • Cooperative Learning
    • Engaging Students
    • Student-Centered Learning
    • Learning through Inquiry
  • Classroom Management
    • Diagnosing & Removing Obstacles to Student Learning
    • Discipline Management
  • Integrating Technology into Instruction
    • Social Media for Educators
  • Diversity / Special Populations
    • Differentiating Instruction for Special Populations
    • At-Risk Populations
    • Culture Appreciation


Workshops on topics including:

  • School Leadership and Administration
    • Ethics and Standards of Content
    • Federal and State Laws
    • District / Campus Priorities
    • Data Analysis / Improving Instruction
  • Social Media for Educational Leaders

Contracted Educational Services

College and Career Readiness

Professional Learning Communities

Reaching at-risk students

Classroom Coaching

Integrating Technology into Education

Classroom Management

Vertical and Horizontal Alignment of Curriculum